Monday, 15 July 2013

RHD Discussion

Please read the following articles collected from website and complete the tasks by groups:


TASK 1:Each group will consist of the following roles:

-       a social worker who has had experience counselling youths;
-       a concerned parent;
-       an educator;
-       a non-Singaporean living in Singapore who is considering raising his family here and taking up Singapore citizenship; and,
-       the news editor / blogger who published the article / issue.

 TASK2:   Assign each group one headline and allow 15-20 minutes to discuss their thoughts and points of view. 
-       What were your thoughts upon reading the headlines?
-       What could be the possible adverse effect if we accept the headlines at face value?
-       What could be the likely motive of displaying such headlines?
-       Why do you think we are still able to maintain racial and religious harmony even though such headlines were presented?

groups to share their responses. Note down the perspective of the different roles, and factors that might have influenced their response to the headline. [Assumptions, implications and consequences, point of view]

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