Friday, 26 July 2013

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T3W4 Cyberwellness Lesson - Feedback Form

Dear Students

The lesson that you went through was designed by the Guidance Branch of the MOE (Student Development Curriculum Division), and piloted in several schools before rolling out to schools in Singapore.

Your feedback will therefore help the team to fine-tune and improve the lesson before they are implemented in all schools in Singapore. There is no right or wrong answer. Your honest response will be helpful to the team.

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CW -reflect form

Monday, 15 July 2013

RHD Discussion

Please read the following articles collected from website and complete the tasks by groups:


TASK 1:Each group will consist of the following roles:

-       a social worker who has had experience counselling youths;
-       a concerned parent;
-       an educator;
-       a non-Singaporean living in Singapore who is considering raising his family here and taking up Singapore citizenship; and,
-       the news editor / blogger who published the article / issue.

 TASK2:   Assign each group one headline and allow 15-20 minutes to discuss their thoughts and points of view. 
-       What were your thoughts upon reading the headlines?
-       What could be the possible adverse effect if we accept the headlines at face value?
-       What could be the likely motive of displaying such headlines?
-       Why do you think we are still able to maintain racial and religious harmony even though such headlines were presented?

groups to share their responses. Note down the perspective of the different roles, and factors that might have influenced their response to the headline. [Assumptions, implications and consequences, point of view]

Monday, 1 July 2013

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes

Where there is will,there is a way

Important:First day/week of school matters

1. Haze Situation
The school is haze ready. For information and updates on haze situation, please refer to the school website and the Students’ Blog. For your well-being, do drink plenty of water.
2. Personal Grooming
Please refer to this link for more details

3. Updated Term 3 Timetable
Please refer to the Student Blog (link)

4. Bring along a rag/ cloth for classroom cleaning 
The haze may have caused the classrooms and furniture to be dusty

5. Temperature Taking Exercise, 4 July (Thursday
Please ensure your thermometer is working. Place it your bag.

6.Seating Plan

We would allow you to change your seating position for term 3. The criteria would be as follows:
a. each cluster must have 2-3 young ladies
b. you should be seated with someone you have not sat beside before in term 1 or term 2
c. the seating position should allow you to participate proactively in classroom learning and thus optimise your potential as an SST student.
d. a group leader will be identified by the end of the day
e. in the event of disagreement or should any unwarranted issues arise, the teachers will decide for the class.
f. everyone has a voice but must use it responsibly taking into considerations of social awareness, self responsibility and self management.

(D). Reminders about students' well-being

Term 3 will be a busy term with the following upcoming events:

§  Youth Day (T3W2) - Remind the students about the upcoming Inter-House Cosplay competition held during Assembly on 5 July 2013. Link to details. 

§  Racial Harmony Day (T3W3)

§  Digital Citizenship Week (T3W4)

§  National Day (T3W6)

§  Level Test 2 (T3W7/8)

§  Teachers' Day (T3W10)

§  End Of Year Examination (T4W3)

Semester 2-Term3 Timetable